Bihar tragedy: 3 things that kept all wondering

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Bangalore, July 17: Twenty-one innocent children have lost their lives after consuming poisonous mid-day meal. Protests have followed. Opposition parties have sought resignation of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. But amid the regular reaction, three things have caught eyes.

First, motormouth Digvijay Singh's silence. The man who loves to speak and that too endlessly, hasn't issued any statement on the tragedy. It was the same man who spoke his heart out a few days ago when Bihar was hit by another tragedy in the form of a terror blast.


He had advised all not to politicise the issue and even suspected that Narendra Modi's speaking to the Bihar BJP workers might have a link with the blasts. The man doesn't have anything to say when children of a state ruled by a 'secular' leader have died like this? Has it been in Gujarat, how much love would Digvijay exhibited for the children?

Second, the advice of Manish Tewari, whom one suspects is inspired by the earlier leader. He also loves to speak, sensible things or not, which is, however, irrelevant. He loves to express his opinion and particularly on issues which speak about communalism.

The Union minister has a superb sensibility towards keeping things 'out of politics' and he prescribed, yet again on Wednesday, that nobody should politicise the children's death in Bihar. Well said, Mr Tewari. We won't politicise the issue since you have already done the job.

Third, the reaction of the ruling JD(U). The party has alleged, after the massive tragedy, that there is a conspiracy to destabilise the Nitish Kumar government. It said the opposition was hatching a conspiracy. The party, which felt 'vindicated' a few days ago in the wake of Narendra Modi's interview controversy, shows it had not only betrayed with the people of Bihar by dumping the BJP but is also least bothered about their sentiments and well-being.

Instead of admitting it as a administrative failure, the callous government is sensing the opposition's foul play. One feels Nitish Kumar's 'Mamatafication' is complete for his eastern neighbour also indulges in similar sortt of politics whenever her government fails in some venture.

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