Puppy controversy: Narendra Modi's office defends him

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New Delhi, July 13: The BJP and the office of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi came to his defence after the "puppy" remark raised a massive storm in India's political circles. The remark came when Modi was asked by the interviewers whether he regretted what had happened in Gujarat in 2002.

He said anything bad makes a person sad, even if it a puppy coming under the wheels of a car even if one isn't driving it. The opponents, particularly the Samajwadi Party lashed out at Modi accusing him of comparing the Muslims with a puppy. The chief minister's office in Gujarat defended Modi, saying his remark, which had displayed "a heightened sensitivity", was grossly distorted.


In a statement issued late on Friday, the chief minister's office said: "In response to a question related to the unfortunate incident of 2002, Mr. Modi's response only shows a heightened sensitivity on his part where he chose an anecdote to explain the grief that a human being would experience on even the hurt of a dog. To talk about an incident that resulted in loss of human lives and not feel the grief is unthinkable."

Modi himself had also tweeted on Friday evening in the wake of the controversy, saying: "In our culture, every form of life is valued and worshipped..." BJP spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman had earlier slammed the opponents for misinterpreting Modi's remarks and said the entire controversy was despicable and unnecessary.

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