Ex-Prez Bush to speak on immigration, will his party oblige?

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Washington, July 10: Former US President George W Bush is set to make a post-presidential entry into politics on Wednesday by delivering a speech about immigration. It will see himself in the middle of an internal policy debate which has divided the Republican Party which he had once led.

Republican lawmakers although suggested that Bush's thoughts on the matter won't move them but there can be no denying that his words will command significance for immigration reform has been one of the unfinished tasks of Bush's two-term presidency.

The fact that he decided to return to the field which he had left four years ago to put his thoughts attach more significance to them.

What Bush will utter in his speech is yet not known but going per his words said in a recent interview, the former president could stress fixing of a broken system and to treat people with respect.

Bush's absence from the public sphere has been more than just his personal choice. Republicans have turned away from Bush since he left office as the USA's one of the most unpopular leaders, thanks to his dragging his country into a number of wars abroad.

Unlike many other former presidents who have led campaigns for their respective parties after serving the term, Bush has found himself stranded at a distance.

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