Blasts: Digvijay Singh seeks patience, but does he have it?

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New Delhi, July 8: Congress leader Digvijaya Singh's hitting out at the BJP and its leader Narendra Modi over Sunday's serial bomb blasts at Bodh Gaya temple while asking people not to draw a conclusion that Muslims were involved in it constitute a contradiction.

If Singh is asking for patience till the investigations concluded and also uttering at the same time that various quarters are trying to politicise the incident, then what is precisely his standpoint? To really depoliticise the tragedy or fish more in the troubled water?


Singh's pointing out that the blasts occurred a day after Modi told his party workers in Bihar that the people of the state would teach Chief Minister Nitish Kumar a lesson shows to what extent can each tragedy be India be politicised. Be it a natural disaster in Uttarakhand or a man-made one in Bihar.

Here is what Singh said in his tweets:

Such counterattacks against charges that intelligence warnings on attacks on the Mahabodhi temple were ignored show that more serious issues like national security can be eclipsed by petty politics, putting at stake the lives of the common citizens in great jeopardy.

It is difficult to understand the reason behind Singh and his party not taking on the JD(U) government in Bihar for the laxity shown in temple security and instead pointing the gun at the Opposition.

Is a probable electoral alliance with the enemy's enemy more important that the security of the average citizen? If Singh is really worried over the charges that Muslims are involved in the attacks, then why not his government conclude the probe fast and bring out the facts before all?

But again, it is perhaps a tough expectation for the same Singh was also baffled by the contradicting versions that were floated by the various investigating agencies of the government on the Ishrat Jahan death case of June 2004.

According to the sources of a major news channel, the Delhi police special cell had issued warnings about Indian Mujahideen's (IM) plans to attack Bodhgaya in October. Yet, the authorities could not stop it, just like they have failed to abort destructive plans of the Maoists.

Why is Digvijay Singh trying to fuel a communal angle through pseudo-secular means?

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