By alleging BJP-RJD collusion, is Nitish going Mamata's way?

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Patna, July 8: Facing flak from the BJP and RJD over 'failing' to avert a terror strike at the Mahabodhi temple despite specific warnings aired by the intelligence inputs, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Monday alleged that both the opposing parties had joined hands to desperately seek power.

Kumar said the unity of the BJP and RJD, led by his arch-rival Lalu Prasad, was clearly visible and said the JD(U)'s ending the long alliance with the BJP had exposed all. He said parties shdould not stand divided during a tragedy like this and face the challenge together.


Is Nitish speaking in a tune similar to his neighbour Mamata Banerjee, the Trinamool Congress chief and chief minister of West Bengal, who also sees conspiracy by her opponents whenever there is an administrative failure.

Kumar also took a dig at those who raised slogans when he went to the Mahabodhi temple in the wake of the blasts. Sounding similar to Banerjee, who was seen abusing a couple of common women after they questioned her when she had gone to meet the family of a college girl who was gangraped and brutally murdered, Kumar sought the identity of the protesters and said they were frustrated for they had lost power.

Nitish Kumar also alleged that the BJP and RJD were negotiating internally and not at the lower level. He said the parties were working on adjusting seats between them and slammed the BJP for compromising with the RJD after losing power. The JD(U) is currently heading the government alone after withdrawing from the NDA.

Both the BJP and RJD criticised the state government for allegedly ignoring intelligence inputs about the attacks. While Prasad sought a probe into the matter, BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said it was a serious issue that the state government did not take cognisance of the warnings and allowed the attackers to execute their plan.

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