Egypt: Mohamed Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood

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Bangalore, July 4: Mohamed Morsi was a member of parliament in the People's Assembly of Egypt from 2000 to 2005.

He rose through the ranks of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist movement that was banned for decades becoming chairman of its political wing the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP).

He narrowly won the presidential vote in June 2012, becoming Egypt's first democratically elected president. The election which has considered free and fair, followed a autocratic rule after long-time leader Hosni Mubarak was ousted in February 2011.

Mubarak who ruled for almost 30 years, was forced from power by large scale demonstrations caused due to high level of poverty, corruption and unemployment in the country.

Mohamed Morsi

After a long, Egypt's army has removed President Mohamed Morsi from power and suspended the constitution and pledged new elections following mass protests.

The head of the armed forces, Gen Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, announced on Wednesday that the constitution had been suspended and asked Morsi to step down by setting July 3 as deadline.

The ousted president is said to be in the custody and has been house arrest by the Egyptian military.

The military's move against the Muslim Brotherhood was well planned. Muslim Brotherhood activists were arrested. Islamist TV stations were taken off the air and arrest warrant has been issued for 300 leaders and members of the  Muslim Brotherhood.

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