Riot politics: Is Digvijay branding Indians as hooligans?

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Bangalore, July 2: Even for a shifting mouth of Digvijay Singh, the statement that the BJP will organise communal riots in Congress-ruled states in the hope of winning Lok Sabha elections due next year, is irresponsible and preposterous.

Congress leader Digvijay Singh today said that that BJP would instigate communal riots in Congress-ruled states ahead of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections as the opposition party feels that it cannot win without "communalising" the polls.

He was addressing the general body meeting of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee in Bangalore.

Political leaders are known for making foolish statements, mostly harmless. But to say that communal riots would be organised, is crime.

Without evidence and concern for lives Digvijay talks so lighly of riots. He should know that in riots lives and property are lost. Families are destroyed and social fabric is broken.

By Digvjiay's statement, it very clear that the blame of all future communal riots in Congress-ruled states, would be put at BJP's door step even if somebody else is a culprit. This way there would be no need to investigate such acts and devise methods to combat them.

Except for major communal violence in Assam and West Bengal, India has been enjoying peace and prosperity in the last one decade.

Riot politics is no longer a valid currency in India. Promote development and talk development.

Indians are gullible and that is the reason why politicians succeed, but they are no longer naive to indulge in communal riots because a political party wants it.

Digvijay singh need not have to look far. The victory of Congress in recent elections in Karnataka is an evidence of people's will guided by thought. Grow up, sir.

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