Bangalore set for its 1st green, blast-proof building

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Bangalore, July 2: A series of blasts and terror attacks occurring in the major metropolitan cities in the country re-instate the shaky administrative capacity of India. Add to this the public loss of life and property caused due to natural calamities like flood and earthquake. There have been reports that many important documents and data have been lost in such cases, which can do a great harm to the interest of India and its citizens.

Bangalore, being one of the soft targets for militant forces, is now gearing up to the looming danger of further attacks. It is set to get its 1st blast-proof building by next year. Probably, this is just the beginning  where the country would rise up to the necessity of such buildings to protect its data.


This building is likely to house the most vital offices in India, that of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). "Whether it is a natural calamity or a terror attack, the main problem that the police faces while managing the disaster is to identify the dead and the missing persons. And with the data being lost or washed away in such cases, the problem magnifies. Hence, the data center had to be here," said sources from the building.

The Bangalore Data Center, covered by the CISF, will be housing the primary data concerning the demography and the biometric for the entire country. Furthermore, the data relates to the generation of Aadhar cards.

Being built by the Engineers India Ltd. (EIL), the walls of the building is designed to be 50 mm thick and will have a blast-proof 'C' rating. On an overall, this huge campus will have an expanse of 6,25 sqm and with a storage capacity of 6 peta bytes with 4,000 servers.

Keeping the flood factor in mind, the engineers have designed to elevate it to 2.1 meters from the ground level. It is also earthquake resistant. "Bangalore is is under Zone-2 on the earthquake sensitive scale; however, the data centre is being built for the Zone 3 level, which would be a lot safer," said one of the UIDAI officials. The building will be green too.

"Besides meeting global standard on safety and security, the structure will be a green building compliant with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design gold rating," said Mr AShok Dalwai, Deputy Director General.

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