No woman in women's talks! Twitter pic amazes the world

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Bangalore, June 28: It could seem to be the world's biggest act of hypocrisy. A room full of men supposedly gathering to speak about women in society with not a single woman present on the occasion. Location: Saudi Arabia.

The picture of such an event has gone viral on Twitter, with men and women across the globe laughing at its absurdity and extent of hypocrisy.


There is no authenticity that the photo is indeed of an event on women fully dominated by men but is this really surprising in a country where women are yet to cover miles before they are acknowledged as assets of the nation? It is a country where rights to drive, vote or get elected are far off and even if a woman is stoned to death for trying to leave their husband, it is considered a fair deal.

Maybe, the dominant males of the Saudi Arabian society gathered to decide what to do with the country's women, particularly those coming up fast, post the Arab Spring. It might not be 'how to help the women' but 'what to do with their rise'.

Or may be that these males are having a talk on business or politics, but even then the complete absence of women is not a happy sight.

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