Does Congress have Rahul Gandhi's hair cut records?

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New Delhi, June 25: Congress seems to have lost its cool as media continues to haunt the party with questions regarding Rahul Gandhi's sudden absence during the crisis of the country. The young Gandhi family scion currently is visiting the flood-ravaged Uttarakhand. However, his tour to the shattered state could not put an end to all questions regarding his whereabouts in recent past.

Congress spokesperson Renuka Chowdhary on Monday, June 24 expressed her rage at media while saying, "You do not know what he (Rahul) is doing. What do you want... should we be telling you when he has his hair cut and such things? Everybody is not like that to publicize all petty things, when does he spit out, when does he sneeze."

Rahul Gandhi

However, controlling her rage, Chowdhary also said, "Rahul Gandhi is not going there as a VIP. He is going there as a citizen, as the vice-president of Congress to oversee that the relief materials reach in place. Rahul did not say 'I am a Rambo and I did this and I did that."

Chowdhary's statement was pointed at Narendra Modi's recent tour to Uttarakhand. The party had been crying foul after Gujarat Chief Minister had visited the state over the weekend and reportedly rescued 15,000 Gujaratis. It was upset with Modi's arrival for it was of the opinion that visits by top politicians would disrupt the rescue operations.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi along with other senior party leaders on Monday flagged off 24 trucks filled with relief materials for Uttarakhand. Rahul for the first time appeared in the public since the disaster hit the hill state.

Over 670 have been killed in the unprecedented natural disaster that struck Uttarakhand on June 16, following incessant rain.

Thousands are still left stranded in various affected areas as the Indian Army and other rescuing forces are having a harrowing time to evacuate them owing to inclement weather. The death toll is expected to exceed 5,000, said a state government source last week.

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