U'khand: Congressmen, why not celebrate the deaths?

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Bangalore, June 24: The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) led by the Prime Minister is a disaster in itself. Its national executive committee hasn't met in the last five years, not even once after the UPA II came to power and is woefully ill-equipped.

Even in Himachal Pradesh where also the natural disaster struck last week, the NDMA was allegedly shielding the chief minister of Himachal, a Congressman, rather than the suffering common man.


Let's celebrate the deaths in Uttarakhand, what say?

The Congress on Monday showed off when its top leaders, the mother-son duo, flagged off 24 trucks filled with relief material for the people of Uttarakhand. It was the first time that Rahul Gandhi was seen on the scene, a week after the disaster struck, for he was abroad and observers felt the Congress was apprehensive about arch-rival Narendra Modi taking a whirlwind tour of the Congress-ruled state and even reportedly taking back with him thousands of Gujaratis who were stuck in the state.

Some said Modi's act was more backed by propaganda. If it is, what was the Congress doing? Even propaganda needs to be a qualitative factor.

The Congress-led UPA has shown how unsuccessful and callous it can be, even at times of a national disaster. The problem with its leadership is that it is too obsessed with Modiphobia, which is preventing it to carry out its Raj Dharma. If 'failure to curb riots' is a serious example of failure to carry out the Raj Dharma, then struggling to promptly respond to a national disaster to save common people's lives also is.

The pro-people gesture that the UPA leadership has been desperately trying to project before the next big polls will undoubtedly take a thrashing after the Uttarakhand episode. Neither the food security bill nor the rural employment scheme can help it save its face at this moment of crisis.

Why blame Modi? He just grabbed the opportunity

It is futile to blame Modi for every attempt he is making now to get national attention. The Congress has scored a self-goal by not being able to produce Rahul Gandhi when it required the most and now is desperately trying to control the extent of damage by tomtoming flagging-off the relief material. Is India going to a war with somebody?

The BJP will be thanking its stars now that it had lost Uttarakhand narrowly to the Congress in last year's poll. On the other hand, by reaching out to a Congress-ruled state and helping in rescue work, Modi has done an immense favour to his image as a future prime minister of India. The Congress has been left to bite the dust.

The Himalayan disaster will have an effect on next year's national polls and the Congress will face an uphill task to avert another disaster of the similar magnitude, in terms of the electoral outcome.

But who can save him who wants to kill himself?

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