Uttarakhand: Netas pull strings to rescue kin

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Bangalore, June 21: Any crisis situation would have the Netas pounce at their own interest first. This has been the case for years and continues to be so even now. They forget their oath to serve the nation and its people before self and make the best of any crisis, serving their kith and kin first.

Take the Uttarakhand floods, for instance. While there are several stranded in the Uttarakhand terrains, waiting for food, shelter, medication and rescue, Netas pull strings at the security level to get them  out of the situation first, even when they are 'stranded' in luxury rooms of hotels.

This callous attitude of the Netas and the bureaucrats is evident of the mind-set of the political honchos in India, leave alone the delay in rescue operations caused by their incessant calls and constant pressure.

Sources in the rescue team complain that there are close to 60-70 calls from government officials and bureaucrats every day, pressurizing the evacuation of their kith and kin even though they are not in an emergency situation. "Most of these people are either trapped in Badrinath, Gangotri or Yamunotri where there is no damage at all. Yes, the roads are blocked and communication is difficult, but they have enough food, medicine and water supply to last them for days at a stretch. Some of these relatives are in five star hotels, so its like normal for them," an officer overseeing rescue work in Uttarakhand said.

Evidently, the resources and the manpower put together for the rescue operations stand very low chances of withstanding the population stranded and the geography together. However, the army, the airforce and the locals are working round the clock to do their best to find the missing, save the survivors and dig out the buried. "Such pressures from all quarters is unfair in such cases," says the officer.

He further adds, "we are not ignoring anyone's pleas as we know how anxious it can get if someone very close is missing or needs help, but we have to channelize our resources to those who need help first. Compare the position of an 80-year old in need of medical assistance, food and clothing and someone stuck in a hotel room with all the facilities. Whom do you think should we cater to first?". "Please help us in fighting the situation by understanding our plight," he further pleads.

In Dehradun

An elderly stranded pilgrim is consoled by his relative after being rescued from the upper reaches of Uttarakhand in Dehradun.

In Guptkashi

Rescued people in a special Indian Air Force chopper to being air-lifted at Guptakashi near flood-hit Kedarnath in Uttrakhand.

In Guptkashi

Stranded people being rescued by Indian Air Force at Guptakashi near flood-hit Kedarnath in Uttarakhand.

In Guptkashi

Rescued people wait for special Indian Air Force chopper to be air-lifted at Guptakashi near flood-hit Kedarnath in Uttrakhand.

In Reckong Peo

IAF personnel rescuing stranded passengers from Reckong Peo in Kinnaur district in Himachal Pradesh.

In Chamoli

Army personnel rescue a woman pilgrim at flood-hit Hemkund in Chamoli district.

In Chamoli

Army personnel provide medical help to a pilgrim at a relief camp at flood-hit Hemkund in Chamoli district.

In Chamoli

Army personnel provide food to stranded pilgrims at a relief camp at flood-hit Hemkund in Chamoli district.

In Rudraprayag

Stranded pilgrims wait for rescue helicopters of Army and IAF near flood-hit Kedarnath shrine in Rudraprayag.

In Chamoli

Stranded pilgrims being shifted to safe place by Army and ITBP personnel from Hemkund Sahib in Chamoli district following landslides and incessant rains.

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