Terror threat on Bangalore, LJPBU takes onus

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Bangalore, June 21: In a rather shocking incident today, police found a four-paged threat letter from the parking lot of ISRO in Jalahalli. Experts say that three of the pages are written in Urdu and the last one is in English. Out of the three urdu pages, one is handwritten and the other two are in typing. Although police is having trouble analysing the letter, it is clear that it has been sent by the 'Lashkar Jung Pakistan-Balochistan Unit'.

The unit claims that it has a 40-member team that has infiltrated the city precincts and has settled with high-calibre arms and ammunitions like car bombs, human bombs and others.

The letter in English describes how the unit plans a bloodshed across 10 vital installations in the city, which include prime buildings and areas like ISRO, two five-star hotels, BHEL, BEL, and two prayer halls.

It read,"Led by new leader Umar Alla Baksh, we are a 40-member team and have entered Bangalore and settled. We have human bombs, car explosives, and many other deadly weapons. Its damn sure that we are creating a new bloodshed history in Bangalore".

This incident follows several leads provided by the central intelligence regarding possible terror attacks on the city. It was further magnified by an unknown Nano car parked on the city road. Although, this had spiked security drills across the city, the police later de-emphasized it saying it was just a mock drill.

Regarding the present incident, CM Siddaramaiah and KJ George (home minister) believe that the letter needs further probe. "We have taken note of this. It is a very serious issue and we will get to the root of the letters," says George.

The police, however, is tight-lipped on the severity of the situation, but warns the citizens to be alert. "We have stepped up vigil and conducted checks at vital facilities including ISRO," Bangalore Additional Police Commissioner (Law and Order) Kamal Pant said. He further adds that citizens should help the police in  combing down any such operations. "Help us identify unattended objects or anything that seems to be suspicious. This could reduce the chances of any such attacks," said Pant.

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