XL Shirts, XL Trousers, and now XL seats

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Bangalore, June 19: 'Thinking big' is the mantra these days-be it the move by a tiny Samoan airline that plans to introduce an 'XL' class for its most 'weighed' passengers. Interestingly, the airline had introduced a similar policy last year where the ticket fares depended on the weight of the passengers, rather than a set price for the seats.

According to Chief executive Chris Langton, the measure last year had proved to be a success "and the airline now planned to provide a special service so passengers weighing more than 130 kilograms (287 pounds) could travel in greater comfort."

Weighing heavy

The rows in the new extension in the airline would be 12-13 inch wider and would boast of wider seats and windows.The ramps would be customised so that the passengers have easy access to the seats.

Langdon further predicts that other airlines too would follow Samoa Air's lead as there is an immense increase in the waistline in the past few decades. In fact, it would not be a surprise, if the airline strategises to draw heavy profit with this move as Samoa is considered to have the world's highest rate of obesity (as per WHO).

But could that be a motivation for the passengers too, to lose a few more ounces to save their pockets? Let's see.

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