Madras High Court verdict on marriage goes viral on Twitter

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New Delhi, June 18: It is unusual for a court judgement to go viral on social media. The Madras High Court judgement on marriage and sexual relationship was yesterday and by mid-afternoon today it was trending on top on Twitter. Why?

The judgement spoke of commitment after sexual act. It said if a bachelor has completed 21 years of age and an unmarried woman 18 years, they have acquired the freedom of choice guaranteed by the Constitution. "Consequently, if any couple choose to consummate their sexual cravings, then that act becomes a total commitment with adherence to all consequences that may follow, except on certain exceptional considerations."

Experts are saying that the high court judgement pertained to the specific case. However, the liberal Indians have taken the liberty of interpreting the verdict. Some feel that the verdict goes against liberal attitudes like one-night stand and live-in relationship.

A judge always gives rational argument to arrive at their judgement and this is what needs to be seen in the current verdict. Having got used to sweeping comments of various judges on society and moral values, the public seems to have jumped to conclusions. It is advisable to wait for the complete judgement.

What is the case, really? While the woman claimed they were married in 1994 as per Muslim custom and she had two children with him, the man refused to pay her maintenance after deserting her in 1999, claiming she was not his wife.

The verdict says that "for solemnising a wedding, legal aspects should be placed on a higher scale than the customary aspects. In this case, the man had signed in the ‘live birth report' of his second child and given his consent for a Caesarean section for its birth. With this act he had officially admitted that she was his wife."

"Even in the absence of pregnancy if there was strong documentary evidence to show the existence of such a relationship then too the couple involved could be termed husband and wife," the court said.

The lower court had observed that the woman's wedding with the man had not been proved by documentary evidence.

Some of the tweets:

Then based on Justice C S Karnan's judgement, a lot of marriages have gone unnoticed! LOL #MadrasHC.

"When did you get married?" is going to be the new "When did you lost your virginity?" #MadrasHC.

Dekho magar pyar se. #MadrasHC Logic.

Now even girls can start recording videos...For evidence purpose. ;)

#MadrasHC has given me one more reason to feel low for being an Indian.

People in twitter are too hurry in making fun to mistook a judgement just by the headlines #MadrasHC.
feeling bored on twitter ??? just search for #MadrasHC hahaha.

I wanna marry you, suddenly sounds so pervert.. #MadrasHC.

I am now ashamed to call myself a Tamilian. And i am ashamed that i live in TamilNadu. #MadrasHC.

After this verdict by #MadrasHC I'm sure there are ppl who are married 'n' number of times!

omg! how is one supposed to collect 'proof' of sex? n whatever will happen to casual sex? #madrasHC.

I would like to congratulate all my friends and colleagues on their unwitting marriages #MadrasHC.

#MadrasHC, making wedding invitations awkward since 2013! #fb.

After the Madras HC observations, Live in relationships would now be considered as legal marriages... #MadrasHC.

Buy KamaSutra and get MangalSutra free. #MadrasHC.

If premarital sex is to be considered marriage, then making out should be considered engagement" #MadrasHC.

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