Maoists on a rampage, is it time to file divorce, Nitishji?

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Bangalore, June 14: Two regional leaders have suddenly begun to feel themselves big, bigger than anybody else in the national politics. They are busy discovering ways to capture the throne in Delhi but are ignoring at will the disarray that their own states are in, on various counts.

Rapes in Bengal, Maoists attack train in Bihar

A series of incidents have rocked West Bengal and Bihar over the last one week. While two girls were raped and brutally murdered in rural Bengal, Maoists targetted a passenger train in Bihar on Thursday, leading to the death of three persons.


In fact, Maoists attacking innocent people travelling by trains or buses has been a major concern in the eastern and central Indian states. The horrible attack on the Jnaneswari Express in the deep of night in the Jangalmahal area of Bengal three years ago is yet to settle in our memory. But what have these state governments done to improve the situation instead of propagating that all is well?

The National Crime Records Bureau has revealed that Bengal tops the table in terms of crime against women while statistics show Bihar continues to be one of the most severely affected states in the country, after Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh, where the local Congress leadership was virtually wiped out by the Maoists last month.

The level of violence and the number of incidents in Bihar are alarmingly high for the state government to take things lightly, the Union home ministry has said in its reports. It requires more alertness at this moment from the state government to tackle the situation, particularly after neighbouring Jharkhand (owing to President's Rule) and Chhattisgarh (after the Bastar bloodbath) are not the best of places to relax for the Maoists.

Filing divorce with BJP is more important or improve anti-Maoist policing?

Bihar is considered a luxurious haven for the insurgents for it is said that they have a nice link-up with political leaders in these parts. What is the Nitish Kumar government doing to address these areas? Why policing is not upgraded in the state to deal with the extremists sternly? Is filing a divorce with the BJP is more important for the state leadership at this moment?

Who is carrying out their Raj Dharma?

Narendra Modi is often accused of not carrying out his Raj Dharma when it mattered, during the 2002 riots. What responsibility are the secular Nitish Kumars and Mamata Banerjees carrying out to ensure a better future for their states and the people?'Communal' Modi's Gujarat didn't see a single riot since 2002. How many times did Bihar witness Maoist attacks and Bengal, crime against women, under the regimes of Kumar and Banerjee?

The people of this country want responsible leaders to come to the fore and lead the nation and not those who love to make a mess of everything. Nitish Kumar earned an image of a leader who gave good governance. Why is he eager to ruin the hard-earned reputation by not dealing with a pressing issue like Maoist menace?

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