Bangaloreans, be careful while filling your fuel tanks

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Bangalore, June 12: Next time when you enter a petrol pump in the city to fill up your vehicle's tank, be more than careful. Customers are being openly duped at various petrol pumps in Bangalore. Take a look at how this is happening.

Avishek Sharma, owner of a four-wheeler, went to a petrol pump at J P Nagar area where he had asked fuel worth Rs 1000. "But when the meter was reading Rs 700, a staff member of the station came to him to get the credit card bill signed. As I moved my eyes off the meter to sign the bill, the meter read Rs 1,000. I was baffled as four litres of fuel can not be poured in a second," he said, adding that he challenged the staff but the latter tried to convince him that it was okay.

When Sharma continued to insist, he was given the meter receipt and it showed that petrol worth only Rs 731 was actually given.


Avishek Sharma is not the only one who had this experience. Take the case of Vivek Singhal. He was going to the movie hall with his wife and child and needed to fill petrol urgently. He entered a pump near Thilaknagar area and also asked for petrol worth Rs 1,000. When the metre was reading Rs 760, one of the members suddenly asked him whether he would like to avail special offers for buying petrol.

The moment Sharma got distracted, the metre board read Rs 1,000. He was perplexed but couldn't challenge the staff then and there for he wasn't sure. Later, he understood that he was being duped after seeing that the fuel gauge was not sufficiently up.

Dipak Singh, a two-wheeler rider in the city, also had the same experience and initially he thought his vehicle was not giving the right mileage.

Avishek Sharma was fortunate that his challenging the act of cheating and spreading the word against the accused pumps on the social media even saw the manager of the pump where he was duped tendering an apology and he was even summoned by his authorities. However, not all are as fortunate as him. It is, therefore, better to remain careful while feeling the tank and seek a receipt from the metre in case there is a doubt.

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