Think about the rape victim Mamataji, not national ambition

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Bangalore, June 11: Just when the BJP found itself in a deeper trouble after elevating Narendra Modi ahead of the next Lok Sabha polls, Trinamool Congress (TMC) chief Mamata Banerjee decided to float her own idea to get maximum mileage.

In her Facebook wall, Banerjee on Monday posted: "Time has come for all the regional parties to come together and form a Federal Front in the coming Lok Sabha election.


I appeal to all the non-Congress, non-BJP regional parties to launch a united fight to free the country from misrule and anti-people decisions, and work together to build a better and brighter India.

Let us stand together.
Let us talk together.

Let us decide a plan of action for the next Lok Sabha election."

Same old path, same old future

The TMC supremo aims to repeat the same old story in Indian politics and that is, raising speculation about a possible third front outside the shadow of either the Congress or the BJP.

History although suggests that such attempts have not succeeded in this country so far and is unlikely to succeed for some more time at least. V P Singh, Chandrasekhar, Deve Gowda, I K Gujral, all these men tried to lead such a regime but none of them survived for long. Banerjee won't either.

Nobody knows what this federal front will look like and given Indian political landscape and culture, there is little possibility of such an arrangement working. There are not many states in India which have non-Congress and non-BJP governments and it is nothing more than day-dreaming to expect that they can form a national government and that too for a full term.

Banerjee is known to be having communication with regional parties like BJD, Samajwadi Party, AIADMK, JD(U) and even the YSR Congress. Many regional leaders, too, have expressed a desire to come together to form a third alternative. But can they ever come together to lead a national government?

Mamata's ploy to divert attention from her administrative failure

Banerjee's actual ploy is to divert the attention from her administrative failure. The situation in her state is deteriorating with each passing day but she doesn't have the capacity to control it. West Bengal is gradually turning into a loompen-raj, thanks to some obvious reasons, and it is virtually an impossible task for the Banerjee administration to set things in order.

Not a word on the college student brutally gangraped & murdered in Barasat

The recent brutal gangrape and murder of a college student in Barasat, which was no less horrific than the Delhi gangrape case of last December, shows the social safety standards in the state, particularly for the women, and the chief minister, instead of speaking anything on that issue, is busy relishing her national political ambitions.

Who is pro-people, Madam Chief Minister?

Goons are killing opposition politicians at will, journalists are being targetted at will, don't Banerjee have anything to say on those issues? Don't politicians today have any shame or concern for humanity?

It's enough of Congress, BJP and third front. None of them will work as long as these petty selfish politicians are sitting firm and shaping this helpless nation's fortunes.

We need a revolution. May be.

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