Aarushi Murder: Talwars tense, court to fix their fate today

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Nupur and Rajesh Talwar
Ghaziabad, May 31: Rajesh and Nupur Talwar, the doctor couple who have been accused of killing their only daughter Aarushi and the domestic help Hemraj, must be tense today (Friday, May 31).

A special CBI court in Ghaziabad is likely to decide their fate regarding the five-yer-old double-murder case. The court would finally decide if the trial against the Talwar couple can proceed further.

The court has been recording both Rajesh and Nupur Talwars' statements since last two weeks. The court on Friday would take a call on the grave question -- does the double-murder case really stand against them?

The couple urged the trail court to record all 14 witnesses' statements once again. However, their pleas were rejected simultaneously by trial court, Allahabad High Court and the Supreme Court.

The doctor couple from Noida have been struggling to get justice for their daughter since past five years.14-year-old Aarushi was found dead at her Noida residence on May 16, 2008. Initially needle of suspicion was pointed at Hemraj. However, a day later, their domestic Hemraj's body was also found in the terrace of their house.

Rajesh was arrested initially as he was the only accused in the case. However, later the CBI in their closure reports claimed that both Rajesh and Nupur were allegedly involved in the double-murder.

While recording his statement in the CBI court, Rajesh recently claimed that he was asleep on the fateful night when his daughter and domestic help were murdered.

Rajesh also asserted that internet activity recorded from his room might not be correct. Mr Talwar, who along with his wife Nupur are the sole suspects of the double murder case, was asked about the recurrent internet activity recorded from his router on May 15 night when the murders took place.

The investigative agency Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) had claimed that Mr Talwar had used the internet at regular intervals which show he was awake and knew about happenings in Aarushi's room.

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