Spot fixing: College students betting, making a fast buck

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Bangalore, May 18: While the nation is struggling to come to terms with the latest spot-fixing scandal in the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) and strong opinions are being expressed about how some unscrupulous men were ruining the reputation of the gentlemen's game, news have come that college students are busy making fast bucks from betting in IPL matches.

According to a report published in The Economic Times on Saturday, junior students in Bangalore were spending anxious moments while trying their luck in an IPL match. They are doing it even if they are not avid followers of the game otherwise.


One of the student, who is a veteran in betting in cricket matches, said he had won Rs 22,000 in a few days in last year's edition. "Who wouldn't want so much money without doing anything? It was enough for me to play around, party all-day-all-night" the report quoted him saying.

The student reportedly invested Rs 1,000 in the last tournament but kept the amount in different baskets to minimise the risk factor. He gambled on the match results, performance of particular players and the number of runs scored per over.

According to the report, the student lost Rs 6,000 in the first few matches but ended up winning Rs 22,000 in the next six matches. He was happy with the net profit of Rs 6,000 was invested in this year's edition, he said.

Another young student got familiar with the thrilling game through some random friends. This student in Delhi always looks forward to the IPL season every year and according to him, if betting and playing teen patti during Diwali is okay, then what's wrong with it during a cricket match? The student had reportedly gambled Rs 1,500 on Chris Gayle's performance and received Rs 3,500 in return.

He said the amount of money he receives from home for his expenditure isn't enough and the bucks earned from betting in the IPL makes up for the shortage. The student strongly feels that betting should be made legal.

Betting is illegal in India although in some states, betting in horse racing is allowed only within the club turf for this sort of betting requires skill and can not be just left to luck.

Sociologists expressed concern over the spread of the tendency of betting among students from elite colleges but this is the new reality of the new India. Moral high ground looks a ridiculous old thing with each passing day. Poor Sreesanth. He failed to scrape through for he is a celebrity.

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