Agitation to press for implementation of ILP in Manipur

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Imphal, May 11: Stepping up the agitation for implementation of the Inner Line Permit in Manipur by May 31, a powerful local committee today said no non-Manipuri would be allowed to enter the state between June 1 to June 5 next.

This would be the first phase of the agitation and in the second phase, no non-Manipuri would be allowed even in localities from June 6 to June 10.

Announcing this, the spokesman of Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit (JCILP) Sapamacha Jadumani said, "We are not against non-Manipuris but we urge the Centre and state government to implement the ILP system in Manipur to protect the separate identities of the indigenous people in the region."

The agitation, he claimed, was being supported by other social organisations including different students organisations.

Official sources said the government was aware of the proposed agitation by JCILP and efforts would be made to hold talks with its representatives on the issue.

The state assembly had already passed a resolution some months ago asking the Centre to implement ILP in the state, official and JCILP sources said.

While official sources said the Centre has been asked to take further action, JCILP sources said the matter has not been clearly placed before the union home ministry and as a result the ministry has failed to take any concrete steps.

"We cannot remain silent on the issue although the state government has assured us (JCILP) that steps were being taken to fulfil our demand. The state government is not taking up any effective measures in this regard," JCILP sources said.

The number of outsiders who have come to Manipur as labourers, manual workers, petty businessmen, traders and in other fields outnumber its tribal population in the hills.

If this trend was not checked immediately, their number will soon outnumber the entire indigenous population of the state in the near future, they said.

Different students bodies and organisations said in their statements said they would support the agitation by JCILP.


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