'Don't be relaxed, more Chinese intrusion coming'

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Kochi, May 9: Can India afford to relax after the Chinese reportedly withdrew from the Ladakh border where they had intruded recently, creating a massive uproar in the political and media circles in the country?

According to a report published in The New Indian Express on Thursday, the next incursion by the Chinese troops could occur at Shipki La Pass along the Sino-Indian border, as per the information of Tenzin Tsundue, a noted Tibetan poet and activist in exile.

Tsundue said India was complacent in the face of the growing threat from the Chinese and had no idea about the enormity of China's military preparedness along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). He was worried over New Delhi's casual handling of the issue of Chinese aggression.

The Opposition and the media have also slammed the Congress-led UPA government after accusing it of being lax on this issue and also warned that such attitude could lead to another 1962-like situation. India suffered a humiliation in the hands of the Chinese over border clashes that year.

Tsundue said there is a tendency in India to play down the Chinese incursion into Ladakh and the focus here is more on entertainment like movie and cricket.

He said while the establishment often portrays as if nothing serious has happened and people in the mainland do not have any knowledge, the actual issue remains a serious one. He said China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) have been making efforts to enter the Indian territory through Ladakh.

The poet-activist said Shipki La is perhaps turning out to be the next threatre of Chinese aggression. He regretted that India has always remained blind towards the huge Himalayan region. He said Indian writing never focuses on the Himalayan region and hence there is a tendency to take the Chinese incursions on a light note.

Tsundue had spent three years in Chinese prison after he was intercepted by PLA borrder men while trying to sneak into Tibet. He was tortured and never succeeded to visit Tibet thereafter. He said New Delhi should have perceived China as an enemy instead of a strategic partner.

The man has been undergoing a trial in an eight-year-old case in Bangalore related to protest on the Tibetan issue. He said that Karnataka government could not produce the witnesses before the court and hence the trial is continuing.

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