BJP reacts needlessly strong on Sena's Karnataka comments

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Bangalore, May 9: The BJP is feeling the effects of the rout in Karnataka and the embarrassment is building into a needless controversy with its ally in Maharashtra.

Yesterday, Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray had welcomed the BJP's rout in the Karnataka elections. Immediately, the BJP expressed surprise over Sena chief's remarks.

"The results in Karnataka are very saddening for the BJP. But what is surprising is the happiness expressed by leaders of our alliance partner," Maharashtra state BJP spokesperson Madhav Bhandari said.

Considering Uddhav Thackeray's remarks, one feels that the BJP is acting bit over-sensitive and raking up needless war of words. The Sena is protecting its votebank and in politics it is a valid response, depending on which side of the border one is looking from.

Uddhav had stated that it was an apt end for a government that always discriminated against the Marathi-speaking linguistic minorities residing in Karnataka's border areas.

However, Thackeray stressed that his statement was in no way a criticism of his political ally, the BJP, but a condemnation of a particular government that meted out injustice and paid scant heed to the aspirations of the Marathi populace residing in Karnataka.

"The manner in which the BJP government had repeatedly dissolved the Belgaum City Corporation and had even inaugurated the Vidhan Soudha building there without awaiting the Supreme Court's verdict on the disputed areas was deplorable," Thackeray told reporters in Mumbai.

He congratulated the two newly elected legislators of the Maharashtra Ekikaran Samithi (MES).
"While it is true that people residing in the border areas have received a raw deal from both the Congress as well as the BJP, I'm hoping that the new government will consist of some sensitive people who will finally take note of the problems," the Sena chief said.

However, Thackeray said that a defeat in a single state was no indication of the party's performance in the upcoming Parliamentary polls. "Rest assured, the BJP will triumph in States like Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, where elections were due," he said.

Even though, Thackeray's remarks were not harsh considering the BJP's self-destruct conduct in Karnataka, the BJP chose to react.

"The issue of the Marathi-speaking population is entirely a creation of the Congress. When this is the reality, the happiness felt by those speaking about interests of Marathi people is surprising and saddening," BJP's Bhandari said.

"I am surprised as everybody knows that it was the Congress government at the Centre and the state which has always worked against the Marathi people along the borders," said Bhandari.

"The decision to construct the Vidhan Soudha at Belgaum was taken by the Congress government. It was not BJP's decision," Bhandari said.

The BJP's explanation is okay but there is less need to provoke an ally, especially in Maharashtra, which is going to polls next. The BJP is a senior partner and a national party, and as a senior it should desist from starting infighting in the alliance.

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