Food security bill is a strong step: Amartya Sen

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New Delhi, May 4: Nobel laureate Amartya Sen on Saturday said in an interview to a news channel that the food security bill is a strong step even if it has various defects. Sen stressed that it is important for the Indian political parties to ensure proper nutrition and human welfare for the country to go forward.

He said nourishment is very important for the nation's development. Professor Sen cited the examples of eastern and south-eastern Asian countries which had focused on healthcare and nutrition to propel themselves forward.

When asked whether there is less focus on issues like malnutrition in India, Prof Sen said a bulk of public discussion in India involves issues related to the rich. He also said the style of the opposition parties to start debate on every other initiative of the ruling party is another factor for the lesser focus for it diverts the attention from the actual issues. He also said that the people are agitating in the name of Aam Aadmi but they should define the term Aam Aadmi first.

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He said the political parties of the country should discuss issues of children's nutrition more so that a qualitative change is effected in the lives of the common people.

Prof Sen also appreciated Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi's focus on development.

The noted economist said India has overcome a number of disadvantages but it has still to overcome many others. He said it is imporatnt for the parties not to argue who is better than whom but rather work closely and understand the problems and formulate an agenda on the policies to be taken to solve them.

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