Modi in Karnataka: Calls Rahul Gandhi as Mr Golden Spoon

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Bangalore, May 2: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, after his huge public meeting in Bangalore on Sunday (April 28), addressed first of the two election rallies in Karnataka today. First was in Mangalore, which sent first BJP MP from Karnataka. It was considered saffron bastion but the results of urban local bodies polls in March stunned the BJP with poor results.This could be the reason why Modi came to Mangalore. The coastal area is very important for the BJP. The meeting in Mangalore began bit late but the crowd stayed on to cheer the BJP strongman.

The second meeting in Belgaum is also significant because it is a border district with Maharashtra, which is ruled by the Congress. The area was also targeted by former chief minister BS Yeddyrappa, after he split from the BJP. But Modi will surely negate any impact Yeddyurappa could have made in the region, which is very prosperous and houses mini Vidhana Soudha. The Karnataka government holds winter session of the state assembly in Belgaum.

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During his Bangalore meeting, Modi had launched direct attacks on Congress president Sonia Gandhi and her son, vice-president Rahul.

He continued attack on Rahul in Mangalore and Belgaum. "This Mr Golden Spoon says he follows the principals of Mahatma Gandhi. Does this Mr Golden Spoon know that Mahatma Gandhi wanted to dismantle the Congress party," Modi said.

"Can Mr Golden Spoon tell us when will Congress be dismantled? We are in a hurry," Modi said mockingly.

Votebank v/s Development

3.30 pm: Modi: The choice is between votebank politics of Congress and development politics of BJP.

3.25 pm: Modi: Belgaum has been given special status by BJP. Pl support the party. Congress has no principals. It sends Income tax notice to those who came to Vibrant Gujarat scheme.

Goddess Lakshmi is where Lotus is. Karnataka will see growth only under BJP. Karnataka has potential to overtake Gujarat.

To learn from mistakes

3.22 pm: We are ready to rectify our mistakes and give us power. Did Soniaji plead sorry to you all for the Inflation. Do they accept their mistake?

3.20 pm: Modi:Delhi is a failure on all fronts and your want to bring Cong to power in Karnataka.

3.15 pm: Modi: Supreme Court exposes government control over CBI. Are you safe under the weak government. Who is safe: Sarabjit, fishermen in Kerala, nobody. Delhi Govt has time to attack BJP. But has no time to take on Pak or China

Modi: I accuse Pakistan of murder. We had opportunity to show the murderer Pakistan but did not do anything.

Double standards

Modi: If a Kerala minister meets me, the chief minister asks for explanations but after the killing of soldiers India hosts lunch to Pakistan prime minister.

The Congress practices untouchability (refers to his case.)

Cong misusing CBI

3.10 pm: Modi: Congress misuses CBI and other government machinery to political ends.

3.05 pm: Modi - I ask the Golden Spoon, when your father ruled, there was only Congress Govt and still he said of Rs1 aid, few paise reach the end-user.

3.00 pm: Modi asks Sonia about aid to Karnataka. Is that dowry. Its tax-payers money and take account from Delhi.

2.57 pm: Modi questions PM on power problem. Asks who created the problem. And PM promotes power minister Sushil Kumar Shinde.

Golden Spoon mentioned again

Modi: Mr Golden Spoon speaks of corruption. And why the government is opposed to details on black money. The government wants to protect people. Congress is full of scams. In Commonwealth games case, India prestige and money went down. And you ask question on corruption.

2.55 pm: Modi: Since last visit to Belgaum, the roads have improved. This is because of BJP government. Last time, I was told about water problems. Now, the BJP government has given enough water.

Modi: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh came to Karnataka. He spoke and you people are lucky, he spoke. In Delhi, he does not speak because they do not allow him to speak. He speaks what is given to him.

Belgaum visit

2.50 pm: Modi at Belgaum. Modi speaks in Kannada and Marathi and thanks public for coming to the rally in summer heat. Takes names of Basavanna, Kittur Chenamma and Sangolli Rayanna.

12.40 pm: Modi: In a globalized world, coastal areas are key for development. Karnataka has formulated policies to develop coastal areas like Mangalore. Coastal areas are not just for development but are important from security point of view. I congratulate fellow members of the BJP for developing the coastal areas and making Mangalore a vibrant place for maritime trade.

No compromise on development

12.35 pm: Modi: With all round failure, how do the Congress leaders ask for votes. Is there no shame?

12.33 pm: Modi: We got the chance to form government in Karnataka for first time. We faced problems but development went ahead. We did not compromise on development. The dream of BJP is development.

12.25 pm: Centre has everything still can they manage Delhi? If they cannot manage Delhi how can they talk on managing Karnataka.

12.22 pm: Modi: If you are worried about your future my young friends, there is only one way ahead- that is Congress Mukt Karnataka! Congress Mukt Hindustan. PM said Karnataka has done nothing in electricity sector. But it was under you nation was in darkness for over 24 hours.

India was shamed at the world level. PM ji please answer who is responsible for this.

Sarabjit issue

12.16 pm: Modi: Centre had time to act after Sarabjit attack,to put pressure on Pakistan. But they left it to the family of Sarabjit, his sister was crying. The government is weak, the prime minister is weak. Every country is ignoring India.

Modi: There is a weak and directionless Government in Delhi. How could we allow such a Congress in Karnataka?

12.12 pm: Modi: Sarabjit Singh killing is extra-judicial killing. There are riots in jails but these do not happen in death-row section.

Cow slaughter

12.10 pm: Modi: It is agenda of Congress Government in Delhi- Pink Revolution. This means slaughter of animals. The mutton is then exported. Export mutton 5 years income tax exempted, open a slaughter house and you get subsidy upto Rs 50 crore. There is smuggling of cows into Bangladesh. There mutton export is flourishing. And Centre is silent.

Votebank politics

12.06 pm: Modi: Congress votebank politics is very dangerous. I want to tell EC, seek answers from Congress. Karnataka has to chose if it wants votebank politics or embrace politics of development & think of the future.

Modi: Country moving ahead with two streams of thought- one is old Congress way of Votebank politics. Other is BJP's way forward of development.

12.03 pm: Congress politics is based on Divide and Rule policy. Can anyone say, vote for me I will give you so much money? Congress leaders say, vote for us we will allow cow slaughter.

11.51 am: Modi begins his address to the cheering crowd. It would have been nice if you had taught Kannada, then i would have spoken in Kannada, says Modi.

Modi: Earlier what news came of Mangalore? There used to be riots, there was curfew. Poor could not earn. Innocents were killed. There was atmosphere of mistrust. These are days Mangalore has seen in the past. Since BJP Govt there is peace here.

11.40 am: Narendra Modi rally begins in Mangalore Nehru grounds. Coastal BJP leaders faciliate Modi with Rajasthani headgear and a statue of Swami Vivekanand.

Address by former chief minister and party vice president DV Sadanand Gowda. Recalls Congress campaign against Modi. We have done good work, give us good result, says Gowda. Do not go by false campaign.

Do not appease minorities, Gowda says.

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