Modi's Golden Spoon starts Twitter trend in film name spoofs

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Bangalore, May 2: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi's jibe at Rahul Gandhi and calling him Mr Golden Spoon, has started a new Twitter trend with people named movies in honour of Modi's jibe. Many took digs at Rahul Gandhi at #MrGoldenSpoonMovies. Most of the movie names are spoofs of original hits and Indian film industry can take inspiration from the twitterati.

Modi repeatedly mentioned Mr Golden Spoon in Karnataka as a counter to Rahul accusing the Karnataka BJP of being corrupt.

"This Mr Golden Spoon says he follows the principals of Mahatma Gandhi. Does this Mr Golden Spoon know that Mahatma Gandhi wanted to dismantle the Congress party?", Modi asked in Mangalore today.

Following the speech the Twitter world went crazy.

vishnudatta ‏@dattakg: #MrGoldenSpoonMovies Great Indian Robbery.

Praful S ‏@psxyz: #MrGoldenSpoonMovies will have its own punchline " Mera naam hai Chamach. Sone ka Chamach " ( copied from My name is Bond. James Bond).

Menaal. Shah ‏@m_angel5: #MrGoldenSpoonMovies says poison is power but can't swallow it...even for the sake of his film...

kranthi kumar ‏@kranthi1988: #mrgoldenspoonmovies if you r really have the guts go to china border and fight for the acquired land, then we will surely vote for you.

Shekhar ‏@shashishekhard: #MrGoldenSpoonMovies GoldChamcha
Chamcha say Chamcha again
Chamcha never dies
Casino Chamcha

Seshadri Kumar ‏@KumarSeshadri: #MrGoldenSpoonMovies: song, "Kabhi bekasi ne mara, kabhi bebasi ne mara, Gila Modi se nahin hai, Mujhe meri ma ne mara"

Dev Nandan Prakriya ‏@secularrdev: #MrGoldenSpoonMovies Italian Gandhi is saying BJP has made communal divide in Karnataka, Madam what have you done in Assam???

shivam sharma ‏@shivam666: #MrGoldenSpoonMovies italian job :D

Mitul Dadhania ‏@mitul807: #MrGoldenSpoonMovies Hum Scam kar chuke sanam.

Ayog Rai ‏@AyogRai: #MrGoldenSpoonMovies -" Ek Bandar UPA ke andar."
Shallow_Depths ‏@spotted_lilly: #Mrgoldenspoonmovies Kya Besharam hai hum.

deepakwahi ‏@deepakwahi2: #MrGoldenSpoonMovies hum apke hain kaun.

Raghu krishnamaneni ‏@Raghukrishnaman: #MrGoldenSpoonMovies Corruption, Crime and Congress.

Kaushik Saha ‏@kaushiksaha1982: #MrGoldenSpoonMovies Bewakoofi apna apna

Hot Jihadi ‏@HotJihadi: #MrGoldenSpoonMovies Main Prime Minister Banna Chahta Hoon.

Amit Jaiswal Jain ‏@ArkJaiswal: #MrGoldenSpoonMovies ► Hum India Loot Chuke Sanam.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet blockquote"><p>Bangalore is 741sq km. Size of Bangalore is being lost to China & PM is diluting it by calling it a localized issue! <a href="">#MrGoldenSpoonMovies</a></p>— gitika (@ggiittiikkaa) <a href="">May 2, 2013</a></blockquote> <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

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