'US was the biggest source of corruption in Afghanistan'

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Kabul, April 29: Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Monday confirmed that his office had received cash from the US. The confirmation came after a major US daily reported that the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) paid millions of dollars in cash to Karzai's office for more than a decade.

Karzai said the office of the National Security Adviser had received support from Washington in the last ten years, although not on a large scale. He said the cash was given for "operational and health purposes" and to pay for housing rents. He said the aid was very useful and Afghanistan would be thankful for it. Karzai is currently on a tour of Finland.

Khalil Roman, who served as the Deputy Chief of Staff to Karzai from 2002-05, however said the money had come secretly and left secretly. Sources said the money had added to the rampant corruption and empowered warlords in the war-ravaged country. Politicians, many with ties with drug trade and also Taliban insurgents, also benefitted by the money, it was said.

Iran was also accused of providing cash worth millions of dollars to the President's office for influence. Western powers had criticized Iran's role and also Afghanistan for taking money.

Sources in the US also said that the biggest source of corruption in Afghanistan was the US.

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