PM forgets muck in backyard, points to others failures

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Hubli, April 29:The Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh was in Hubli, addressing a rally, he made a few points for the audience to reflect upon.

While his appearance right after Narendra Modi's may give his party members a morale boost, did he pick the right 'concerns' or were these just plain poli-ticking!

Sample these:

PM said: Karnataka has a high crime rate, people feel unsafe here.

Counter Point: Delhi has the highest crime rates against women, something that has made global headlines. Women are comparatively safer in Karnataka. Here, in Bangalore, women travel safely in public transport as late as 10pm, but in Delhi, women do not stir out of their homes post 6pm, fearing the worst.

PM said: There is a drought, people are suffering and the government is sitting squat.

Counter-point:The drought is due to poor rainfall last year, what can the government do. Even Maharastra is facing drought, have you asked the government there the same question?

PM said: I promise you that government in Congress's leadership will rid you off corruption.

Counter-point:How can you promise a corruption-free state when your ministers, themselves, are drowning in scams?

PM said: People are not receiving power (electricity) supply.

Counter-point: In South India, Karnataka is the only state where electricity shortage is the least. Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala face severe shortage. In the North, have you taken a look at Uttar Pradesh, lately, where some cities receive electricity for a couple of hours per day?

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