K'taka Polls: Will voters listen to stars' appeal to vote?

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Bangalore, April 29: Election fever in Karnataka has reached the zenith, as national leaders are actively campaigning in the state.

Along with political leaders asking voters to vote for them, a group of film stars and sports personalities have come out in the open to appeal voters to exercise their franchise.

Posters of film stars of Kannada film industry like Puneet Rajkumar and Aindrita Ray could be seen across Bangalore appealing citizens to vote.

In fact, Election Commission (EC) roped in actors Puneeth, Ramesh Aravind, Aindrita to promote voting among residents. Even Olympic medalists Mary Kom and Saina Nehwal too are part of the campaign.

EC has prepared a 60-second film on this issue for the electronic media, and 30-second audio for All India Radio.

"The intention is to educate citizens on their voting rights and the need to exercise their franchise on election day," said KS Bevinamarada, officer on special duty, State Elections Commission.

Says Ramesh Aravind: "Voting is very important. I always say, don't sell your children's future by selling your votes. This is an opportunity to vote and if you don't, it takes five years to correct the mistake. That's too costly."

Previous statistics show sad reality of apathy of Bangalore voters during elections. During the 2008 assembly elections, Bangalore areas register only 44 percent voting.

Similarly, India's tech hub recorded a low of 47 percent during the last General Elections during 2009. In spite of several campaigns urging voters to vote, nothing worked in the past.

Political analysts taking a "negative" view on the entire phenomenon of Bangalore voters not exercising their rights say, "It seems nobody can goad reluctant and apathetic Bangaloreans to come out from their houses to vote"

Hope this time voters shed their apathy and come out of their homes and exercise their franchise.

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