Modi: There is wave in Karnataka like Gujarat

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Bangalore, April 28: The National college grounds in Basavangudi was full and the crowd listened to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi with pin drop silence. He said that there was a wave in Karnataka like in Gujarat and asked the public to support good governance. He said, do not trust Congress because the party does not keep promises.

8.16 pm: Modi exhorts the crowd to raise their voice that will reach Delhi and ends his speech. He seems to be pleased and waves to people.

8.00 pm: Modi: At recent NDC meeting, the chief ministers were taking note of what Jagadish Shettar was speaking on governance and what Karnataka government has achieved. We have capacity to give good governance and I have confidence that the people will give BJP another term to carry the good work.

On May 5 put give your seal of approval on Lotus and not the hand. Your vote is important for the future of this nation. Join the journey of development.

7.50 pm: Modi: The future of nation is in the hands youth and Karnataka elections. Congress mouth is sealed by Italy.

Modi on 2G: If you start writing the scam amount on road from Racecourse road (PM house), 1 lakh 76 thousand crores, the last zero will end at 10 Janpath (Sonia Gandhi's house).

Karnataka has won police medals while Congress-ruled states have not won any medal. When Rahul was blaming Karnataka BJP government while the same Congress awards medal to Karnataka BJP for best governance.

7.45 pm: Modi mentions the recent crisis of northeast people being driven out of Bangalore, which was handled delicately by the Karnataka government. Minister R Ashok went to northeast to assure the people that they are safe in the state. Modi says such gesture is very important. Congress is the most communal party. They want to divide and rule us. They want brothers to fight among themselves, says Modi.

7.40 pm: Modi takes on Rahul. Alluding to Rahul speech in Jaipur, Modi says Sonia tells her son power is poison but the same son asks for power in Karnataka.

What Congress said in Jaipur meet has been forgottten. It never keeps the word it says. Cong promised to reduce inflation in 100 days. What happened.

7.35 pm: Modi: Will anybody still trust the Congress. Talks about how you donot marry another daughter in the same family after knowing them. See what has happened in Delhi. Do not vote for the Congress again. Can anyone do the mistake of voting Congress anymore.?

Everything is with Delhi government. Mighty government but there is no safety in Delhi. If they are unable to govern Delhi, can Congress govern Karnataka.

Congress always comes with a new mask, do not trust it.

7.30 pm: Modi: I want to ask who is the Congress candidate for chief minister of Karnataka. Show us the face, not the hand. Congress has no CM candidate, I have known Jagdish ji for years. He has run a good government for past 9 months. BJP in Karnataka and Gujarat have face similar problems, but that has not stopped us from providing good governance.

We came to Power in Gujarat in 1995, we din't have experience in handling differences. But still people voted for us for good governance. Voters have given us power for the last 12 years in Gujarat and the voters in Karnataka will also do what voters did in Gujarat. 

7.20 pm: Modi begins his speech. Thanks the crowd for listening to his request to allow other leaders to address before his speech. Five years of future of Karnataka is in your hand.

7.10 pm: Modi will visit Karnataka again on May 2. Will tour North Karnataka, announces Ananthkumar. Jagadish Shettar speaking. After touring the state and the support in Bangalore, I am confident that BJP will get majority, says the chief minister.

7.05 pm: Ananthkumar: Modi has come and brought freshness and rain. Modi has given Modi model government after Vajpayee model government. BJP has given Bangalore Metro and Cauvery water.

7.00 pm: Crowd chanting Modi, Modi. Narendra Modi begins his speech but says please listen to other leaders first and then allows Ananthkumar to speak. Modi says I will be with you as long as you want but allow Ananthkumar and Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar to speak and vacates the mike.

6.50 pm: Modi reaches National college venue. State BJP chief Prahald Joshi welcomes Modi. Crowds roars at the mention of Modi.

6.43 pm: Nirmala Sitaraman: Vote for good governance. Go out and vote Bangalore. The BJP government has given separate agriculture budget. Rahul Gandhi gives sermons on corruption. Why no word on your brother-in-law (Robert Vadra). The Congress corruption is not mentioned by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. Do not get swayed by Congress corruption talks.

6.40 pm: Narendra Modi will reach venue in five minutes. Till then party spokesperson Niramal Sitaraman at the mike.

6.30 pm: Venkaiah Naidu: Narendra Modi is Congress nighmare. Modi chant is everywhere. Appeal to Muslims to come BJP. Muslim per capita income is highest in Gujarat. In democracy, dynasty is nasty.

6.20 pm: Venkaiah Naidu takes over. Speaking in Telugu, Hindi and English says Cong has ruled and ruined India. Talks about development of Karnataka and Bangalore under the BJP government. We sacrificed BS Yeddyrappa because nobody is above party. Manmohan is the most successful PM who has managed to bring growth rate from 10% to 4%.

6 pm: Karnataka's Deputy chief Minister R Ashok begins the public meeting. Ashok defends BJP government and asks people to compare Delhi records.

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