Twitterati may break tweets record with #NaMoInBLR

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Bangalore, April, 28: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi's Bangalore visit has generated a kind of frenzy on social media and tweets are filling up faster than place at National College grounds in Bangalore.

Here are twitterati in anticipation of the speech that could change the fortunes of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Cool ‏@CoolPatriot: I just went to the trend analysing sites ... #NaMoInBLR has got way more tweets than anything else ... Yet :).

Suraj Balakrishnan ‏@SurajBala: Looks like the whole of Bangalore is heading to National College grounds to hear the lion roar. #NaMoInBlr.

Hitesh Ratnani ‏@RatnaniHitesh: Jay ho RT @nanditathhakur: It seems there is going to be mini tweeples meet at ground in Bangalore #namoinblr.

VivaShastri ‏@VivaShastri: #NaMoInBLR At the venue and meeting people who have driven from Mysore just to hear #NaMo.

GυиJαи мαтнυя ‏@hellogunj: Sitting in the front line. its amazing to be part of #NaMoInBlr.

RutDirectory ‏@rutdirectory: People are eagerly waiting for Modi... Huge crowd started gathering... #NamoInBLR.

Rahul Rai ‏@imrahulrai: RT "@tweeted_now: Take ratio of people attended for namo speech to that of rahul #namoinblr".

Biswajeet Dash ‏@biswajeetdash: @bjpkarnataka so media finally arrives to cover a so called state leader? :) #NaMoInBLR.

vasant ‏@ashvasant: The crowd today have come on their own.look at the number of youngsters,truly get a patiotic feel with #namo speech #namoinblr.

Rakeshbhai Indian ‏@Rakeshbhai12: #NaMoInBlr and whole congi gang #BeingSoNervous they r shamelessly praying rain god to disrupt the rally. Hahahaha....

bhokali baba ‏@bhokali_boy: BJP Will get 20 More Seats just by Presence of Modi #NaMoInBlr.

Karthik G.K. ‏@beingNOMAD: Thank God..That shows Aam Aadmi is not a Fool.. Already a big crowd here at the National college grounds #namoinblr".

Mango Admi ‏@MangoAdmi: #namoinblr People queued up @ National College grounds 2hr b4 NaMo Speech.

Amit Gupta ‏@philAmit: A sea of nationalists in Namo meet. Always happy to meet who just doesn't complain but act for better India. #NamoInBlr.

Somanath Gowlikar ‏@somanathg: NaMo always said elections are democracy's festivals, so festive atmosphere here at #NaMoInBlr.

Anant Yalagi ‏@anantyalagi: National college ground seems to be very small for #NaMoInBlr event.

Rudrani ‏@sigayatri: It is important to chant the NaMo mantra to uproot corruption from the socio-political-economic systems. #NaMoinBlr #NaMoinBlr.

Maya S ‏@balamy: All the main channels will not talk about the visit of NaMo to Blr. But will suddenly start beaming his speech live. :) #namoinblr.

Ashik D ‏@ashikdelamp: Today's media TRPs will come from Bangalore." #NaMoinBLR.

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