Mumbai: Force One, anti-terrorism commando commits suicide

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Mumbai, April 27: 25-year-old Nandlal Sonawane, who recently was picked as the best among 500 commandos from across India, committed suicide on Friday, April 26.

Sonawane was a commando with Force One -- Maharashtra's elite counter-terrorism unit. He shot himself with his Glock pistol on the left side of his chest. He killed self at the wee hours of Friday at the terrace of a building in the Kalina police campus.

Senior police inspector of the Vakola police station, RG Pardeshi was quoted as saying, "On hearing the sound of the weapon going off, other Force One commandos went to the terrace and found Sonawane in a pool of blood with the pistol in his hand."

Sonawane did not leave any suicide note, however, police discovered few messages in draft box of his mobile phone which indicate that he might have killed self over personal reason(s).

Speaking about the messages in Sonawane's mobile, the police officials were quoted as saying, "He left a message in Marathi, wishing his family, relatives and friends, and named more than 20 people."

"He asked his sister to take care of his parents and wrote shubechha (best wishes). Sonawane further wrote, 'I know what I'm going to do is not correct,' in Marathi and added in English, 'Good Bye'."

According to sources, Sonawane, who has been described as "Pride of Force One" by his superiors, was scheduled to marry on May 12, 2013. He apologised to his fiance. Meanwhile, sources claimed that he was not completely happy about the impending wedding.

"It is very sure that his drastic step is not related to any Force One issue. He was the top commando of the force..," said DT Shinde, Superintendent of police.

Sonawane reportedly spoke to his fiance on the previous afternoon and the heated conversation between the duo lasted formore than 20 minutes. The last message he sent from his Samsung cellphone to his fiance saying, "Tu majhashi khota bollees (You lied to me)." According to sources, the message said not only his fiance but her mother too had lied to him.

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