K'taka: What happened to Rahul Gandhi's positive politics?

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Bangalore, April 26: Rahul Gandhi had said, soon after his elevation as the Congress vice-president in January, that he would refrain from indulging in negative politics and practise positive politics for he thought that the country can only move forward through something constructive.

Well enough. But the leader betrayed his own words when he launched an attack against the BJP during his campaign in Karnataka for the May 5 polls, saying the latter had created a world record in corruption during its five-year rule in the state. Addressing a rally at Haveri on the second leg of his tour, the Congress leader said while the BJP talked about corruption at the Centre, the corruption in the state escaped its attention.

So, what happened to Gandhi's ambition to practise positive politics?

The point is no matter how much Gandhi tries to assert his noble intention in politics, the reality is that Indian politics today is only about mud-slinging. But if the Congress is projecting Gandhi as a future leader of the country, then why doesn't he make an attempt to make a difference with his style of politics?

There is no doubt that the BJP has performed woefully in Karnataka and the anti-incumbency factor has taken a toll. But to weigh corruption of rival governments is something that will be rejected by the electorate. The Indian voters today do not find any much difference between the political parties and look up to individuals whom they believe can prove a difference.

In recent years, Mamata Banerjee of Trinamool Congress and Narendra Modi of the BJP are two such individuals who have succeeded to convince the electorate that they could emerge as alternatives to corrupt party rules by ensuring a sound personalised administration.

Although Banerjee subsequently failed to keep up the promise, a large section of the nation is still banking on Modi as a leader with a difference. The latter has also understood how much hope the people have pinned on him and accordingly, he makes a smart move of mixing positive talks with the general anti-rival words while addressing public rallies.

Rahul Gandhi is found to be lacking this. He must understand that the Congress is in a better position than the BJP in Karnataka at the moment and there is no point in flogging an already floored opponent. The leader, instead, should speak on what the Congress has to offer for a better future of the state and how it plans to approach the task.

Unfortunately, that's not been happening. The positive politics which the Congress leader stressed after his elevation, is yet to be witnessed.

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