Pink moon lunar eclipse tonight will be short

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New Delhi, April 25: The Pink Moon lunar eclipse is tonight. The April full moon is also known as the Pink Full Moon. It is the first, and likely to be the best of three lunar eclipses occurring this year.

The noticeable Umbra phase will begin at 1.22 am and end at 1.53 am. The maximum phase will occur at 1.37 am.

The eclipse will be visible in the region covering Australia, Asia (except north east part), Africa, Europe and Antarctica.

From the most of Europe and western Africa, the moon will be partially eclipsed shortly after sunset on April 25. From the Middle East and western Asia, the partial eclipse happens at late night or around midnight April 25/26. From Australia, Indonesia or eastern Asia, the lunar eclipse takes place before sunrise on April 26.

This is the third shortest partial eclipse of the Moon for the 21st century, lasting just 27 minutes.

According to NASA, the shortest partial lunar eclipse of the 21st century will be on February 13, 2082, lasting only 25.5 minutes.

A total of five eclipses (three lunar and two annular) will occur this year.

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