Delhi protests: AAP's politics is mostly farcical

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New Delhi, April 22: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) often claims it to be the new party with a difference although in practice, its functioning is seen more in tune to the traditional outfits that it abhors so much. The party has been found to be dominating the street protests staged over the recent rape of a child in the capital, along with the opposition BJP. Now, what is the difference between the original party with a difference and the new one?

Difficult to find with a naked eye.

The AAP has announced that it will contest the Delhi polls in a noble way. That is: It will choose clean candidates and will never encourage those with dynastic backgrounds. These are noble ideals no doubt but what is the party's basic stand on the issue of public conduct? Is maintaining a high-standard in election is the only priority that a party should have?


The AAP has shown that when it comes to public conduct, blackmailing and force are the only weapons it possesses and that doesn't make it much different from the traditional outfits whom it describes as corrupt. Why would people then vote for a party that only knows to go on fasts and protests and depends on media to reach out to a constituency, primarily the middle class?

It is unfortunate how anybody trying to don the politicians' mantle in this country today makes the entire exercise look farcical. If 'hang the rapists' and 'remove the PM' are the only slogans that the AAP can give, then it is already been given by other opposition parties for long a time now. What is so special about another outfit joining the circus?

One suspects that the AAP is hardly going to be a factor in any of the upcoming elections, whether in Delhi or the national one, for its lack of any position apart from opposing the power centres doesn't provide it with any credibility.

Irresponsibility is the other name of opposition politics in our democracy. And these forces do not hesitate to cash in on the dented emotions of the common man to create meaningless furore on the streets. The protest that rocked New Delhi after Nirbhaya's death could change little and the same AAP was also there at the time. It's a repetition of the same again.

Can some sanity prevail in our politics, please?

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