Twitterati says: Rapist are more dangerous than terrorists

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Twitterati says: Rapist
New Delhi, april 20: The social media which raised the banner of revolt and triggered nation-wide protest after the December 16 brutal rape of a young girl went viral again over five-year-old girl's rape in Delhi. The tweets were full of disgust and disquiet.

The girl was raped allegedly by a neighbour after holding her captive for four days. She is battling for life due to infection contracted from foreign objects found inside her body.

The incident triggered protests outside Swami Dayanand Hospital, where a woman protester was slapped by a Delhi Police officer. ACP Ahlawat has been suspended.

The girl was on Friday shifted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) for treatment.

Doctors found that there were some foreign objects like candle and a 200 ml bottle of hair oil inside her body and said it was one of the worst cases they had attended to.

The minor's family claimed that the police was "insensitive" by not registering a case in time and that some policemen told them that they should be happy that the girl was alive, allegations which were denied by the force.

"When I went to lodge an FIR, police refused to register the case. If they had made a better attempt, they would have found her. Police told me to be happy that she was alive," her father alleged.

He also alleged that doctors refused to give any information beyond that his daughter was critical.

The incident saw protests outside the hospital where the girl is undergoing treatment.

Here are few tweets on the incident and the people's protest.

Viper ‏@ViperousX: I found some people who don't even know that a li'l girl's being raped in Delhi, they're talking about #IPL .This is India boss! #DelhiRape

Tejal Kapadia ‏@tejalkapadia: #DelhiRape Rapist are more dangerous than terrorists. They kill a person from heart and keep them alive.

Fari~★ ‏@Fushiee_: Not even 6months have passed since #delhigangrape and now this #delhirape.

MAK360 ‏@MAkhan360: #delhiRape funny thing is BJP says I am protesting but with cirisizing Congress. this politicians can never do anything without politics.

Binit Kumar ‏@BIIINIIIT: God.... Do one thing.... Turn all males into females till the time they learn how to respect them.... #suckitlosers #delhirape.

S A C H I N ‏@SachinDI: #DelhiRape We want Tit for Tat, insert 500 ml bottle or more, a big candle in that criminals body & lock him for 4 days without food & water.

Humour-Tumour ‏@47_shubham: If only as much thought went into protecting womens as it goes in giving fancy names to the victims #DelhiRape.

/{ r ! /\ T | o /\/ ‏@KriationKriti: She is just a 5 yr old....Now what excuses will you give for getting lured to RAPE her?SICK MENTALITY #DelhiRape.

Dot ‏@Circlesnsquares: Wow !! My india RT "@IndiaToday: Section 144 imposed across New Delhi amid protests against minor's rape.

Rajeev Mantri ‏@RMantri: President Mukherjee's MP son berated those raped as dented, painted women. The father dutifully expresses shock at monstrous new #DelhiRape.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet blockquote"><p><a href="">#DelhiRape</a> Men, please forgive us for having a vagina!</p>— Moh Maaya (@UttersFlutters) <a href="">April 20, 2013</a></blockquote> <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

The LieLama ‏@BOXERology: #NothingHasChanged and Nothing'll Change as most of the people protesting over #DelhiRape r those who were Proudly Sharing Mona Singh MMS.

Inspector Tequila ‏@samirasher: @meetnameet #DelhiPolice will ask 5 yrs old to wear saree, call everyone bro... & learn sarawati mantra as soon as they are born.

chetan joshi ‏@coolcheet: If protesters gets violent this time WE cannot blame them.We cant b more PEACEFUL to c womans r being raped n raped n raped.

Common Man ‏@i_common_man: How will you give death penalty to a Rapist...Cauz shamefully such brutal rapes are no longer 'Rarest of Rare'.

Swati Sharma ‏@Swati_ap18: I hope people outraging on twitter atleast change themselves & their next generations Society is not gonna change itself #DelhiRape.

FreakIndia ‏@freakindia: Very true @PawanDurani: Hate when 'Media anchors' say politicians are milking the #DelhiRape tragedy ! What are they trying to do ?

Ashwani Aggarwal ‏@kati1511: Protests in delhi. Shinde assuring of justice. Social media angry. Helpless law. It seems to b a dejavu #DelhiRape #shame

SHISHIR ‏@KAPOORSHISHIR: Govt of India, Delhi govt. & police R just waiting for protestors to tire out & disperse and it will again happen sooner or later #DelhiRape.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet blockquote"><p>INDIA-A country where the biggest sin is giving birth to a GIRL child & the biggest curse is being a GIRL!! <a href="">#DelhiRape</a></p>— Shalaka Telang (@shalakamusic) <a href="">April 20, 2013</a></blockquote> <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

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