'Robot, thermal camera, flashbangs used to catch Dzhokhar'

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Watertown (USA), April 20: A robot, a thermal camera and flashbangs were used to catch Dzokhar Tsarnaev, the second suspect in the Boston marathon bombings of April 15 on Friday night, Boston Police revealed in a press conference shortly after the two-day-long drama concluded. However, it was a local resident's alarming encounter with the suspect that helped in tracing him, a US news report said.

The police said Dzhokhar had managed to avoid the police because he was slightly outside the search parameter which was set up by the law officials. But his luck ran short when a local man stepped outside his house and noticed blood on the boat in his backyard. He saw a blood-stained person in the boat after checking inside the tarp covering it, Boston police officers said.

The man then alerted the police and the latter dispatched a hospital fitted with a thermal camera and it helped them understand that there was a living body inside the boat.

After reaching the spot, the police sent a robot to pull off the tarp and have a better look at the suspect and check whether he was equipped with explosives. Since Tsarnaev could not be communicated with, the police threw several flashbangs at him to stun him and finally his was brought out of the boat.

Authorities said that it was not necessary to give him his Miranda warning immediately upon arrest as there is a "public safety exemption in cases of national security", the report added.

Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said that Dzhokhar did not have any explosives with him when he was captured though Dzhokhar and his elder brother Tamarlen who was killed on Thursday night, had allegedly used "handmade hand grenades" and "improvised devices" were hurled at the police during the shootout.

The Tsarnaev brothers are accused in the deadly bombings at the Boston marathon on April 15 that killed three people and injured nearly 180.

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