We'll finish the race, a resolute Obama tells Bostonians

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Boston, April 19: A resolute Barack Obama on Thursday said that those behind the deadly bombing in the Boston Marathon on April 15 will not succeed in scaring "one of America's iconic cities". He was speaking at an interfaith service organised at the Cathedral of the Joly Cross to heal a community rocked by the blasts that killed three persons, including an eight-year-old boy.

Obama said if the terrorists had sought to intimidate the people of the USA, they made a wrong choice by picking the city of Boston. He said the US might be momentarily knocked off its game but it will come back and finish the race.

The President was greeted by a huge applause and a long-standing ovation. In fact, the President drew the audience to its feet several times, most notably when he said that the people of Boston will feel safe on the streets again.

Obama, who had announced emergency in Massachusetts in the wake of Monday's terror acts, said the US will find the culprits and they will be brought to justice. The President made a special mention about those killed in the blast, including the boy, Marticn Richard. The other two killed were 29-year-old Krystle Campbell and 23-year-old Lingzi Lu.

Obama said the last hours of Martin were perfect as an eight-year-old could hope for, having ice-cream with his family at a sporting event, pointing to an image of Martin seen with a poster which he had made and which read: "No more hurting people. Peace." The boy and his family were watching the marathon near the finish line when two bombs exploded, killing the grade-schooler.

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