Narendra Modi speaks on women power at Ficci event

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Narendra Modi
New Delhi, April 8: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi's is about to address at Ficci Ladies Organisation (FLO). The speech created an extra bit of enthusiasm in the audience particularly after Rahul Gandhi's CII speech of April 4.

FICCI president Naina Lal Kidwai praised Modi for the latter's entrepreneurial development model.

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Modi finishes the question-answer round by giving soft examples of the hard work the women put in to ensure their families' well-being. He also released the annual report of the body on the occasion.

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"We have passed a law in Gujarat whereby local bodies will have 50 per cent reservation for women. But the Governor has held it back, despite being a woman." Modi said this in reply to a question asking him about his views on women's reservation.

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Narendra Modi takes questions from the audience in the women's wing of FICCI AGM. He said so far, he has only filled up potholes created in his state Gujarat during the days of the Congress rule. "We have just brought it to a level. You will feel happy to see when we will build on this level." he said in reply to a question.

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Modi also praised India's first woman photo-journalist Homai Vyarawala, who died last year at the age of 98. He said it is difficult to imagine how a woman could make a living in journalism in those days.

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"It was an old woman who had helped Mahatma Gandhi in getting on with his Charaka programme."

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Women, despite making big contribution for the progress, is never made a part of the decision-making progress. Modi cites the example of Jesuben ki Pizza in Gujarat, which has proved to be more popular than any other pizza brand. Modi also sets the example of Lizzat Papad as a successful entrepreneurship model. He also gives the example of Induben.

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"Women are even running the administration in a smooth manner."

"Gujarat is an example of the model of women empowerment." He said over 300 villages in Gujarat have progressed under women's leadership.

"Narendra Modi or the Gujarat government haven't done anything for improving these women's condition."

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"We gave houses after the Gujarat earthquake of 2001 in the women's name first."

"In Gujarat, property registered in the name of a woman had been made free of stamp duty. We suffered huge losses but yet women in the state had property."

Modi saids how in schools in Gujarat, families are asked to provide the mother's name in the application form instead of the father's.

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"Entrepreneurship in women won't emerge till we empower them."

"Women are facing difficulty in getting married. There are lesser number of women. The social balance is getting disturbed."

"Women show what they are capable of in a constructive way".

"Today women are two steps ahead of men and we must recognise it."

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"Even Gujarat suffers from this malaise," he said.

"When I got the reports of my state in 2004 after taking over responsibility in 2001, I was scared by the reality."

Sometimes it looks that we have gone backward from what it was in the 18th century, said Modi. He said at least the girl child had a chance to be born. "Now, girls are killed in the womb and even the mother is responsible for this," he said.

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He said women contacted him through social media and the overwhelming response helped him set the agenda.

Modi greets all those present on the occasion. He apologises for deferring the date of the speech due to the Navaratri festival and also the shift in the venue owing to a Congress programme.

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