Young Pakistanis prefer Sharia, military rule over democracy

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Islamabad, April 3: A large number of Pakistani youth feel that the country should be governed by Islamic law or military rule instead of democracy, a survey released on Wednesday said, just a month ahead of the historic national elections. The May 11 elections will ensure, for the first time ever in the country's history, that one democratically elected government would succeed another one.

Pakistan's politics has witnessed several military coups and instability since its creation in 1947. The PPP-led coalition government's success to complete five years in office has been hailed as a big achievement.
However, not many from the younger generation of the country are convinced.

According to a survey conducted by the British Council titled 'Next Generation Goes to The Ballot Box', citizens aged between 18 and 29 have become pessimistic about the future of the country, thanks to a weak economy, high inflation, acute energy crisis and Taliban insurgency.

Over 93 per cent of young Pakistanis believe that their country is headed to the wrong direction, compared to 86 per cent in 2009. A handful thinks that democracy has indeed benefitted them and their families.

The survey also says that only 29 per cent of the youth in the country believe that democracy can better the political situation there. Around 38 per cent said Islamic law or Sharia is more suited to Pakistan, which reflects the deep religious views of several young people in the Muslim country.

Thirty-tow per cent support military rule, which had denied democracy a chance in the country often. According to the survey, 77 per cent people favour the army while just a mere 14 per cent back the civilian government.
Pakistan's youth could play a decisive role in the upcoming election. More than 30 per cent of the registered voters, i.e., more than 25 million are agd between 18 and 29 and many among them will vote for the first time on May 11.

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