Aam Aadmi pledge to support Kejriwal reaches 4 lakh

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New Delhi, March 29: Delhi needs to show its passion and anger again. While it affects a population of 1.63 crore, less than 3 percent of people have signed with fasting Arvind Kejriwal and pledged against paying water and power bills.
As his indefinite fast against "inflated" power bills entered the seventh day today, 1,00,396 more people pledged not to pay the inflated bills yesterday, taking the total to 3,75,040. This is about 3 percent of total electorate in Delhi which is 1.23 crore.

Meanwhile, Kejriwal got support from eminent persons like former CEC J M Lyngdoh and ex-Naval chief Admiral Ramdas, who said they support his "civil disobedience movement". Aam Aadmi Party released the joint letter by Lyngdoh, Ramdas, Justice V R Krishna Iyer, former National Knowledge Commission Vice Chairman Dr P M Bhargava and others to media in which they urged Delhi government to take note of irregularities highlighted by Kejriwal and take urgent corrective action.

"The citizens of Delhi, most of who struggle to make two ends meet and simply cannot afford the hiked bills, seek to exercise their right to disobey. They seek to do so in a non-violent manner and are willing to face the consequences including penalties and punitive action. "In these circumstances, we extend our support to this call for civil disobedience," the personalities said in the letter.

They claimed that Kejriwal called for the civil disobedience movement when pleas to stop corruption in power and water sector "fell on deaf ears".

At the ground level, the volunteers of the AAP are leading the campaign to make people aware of the issue. About 3,000 volunteers would turn their homes into mini asahyog kendras (non-cooperation centre), in addition to 264 asahyog kendras that already exist.

Kejriwal feels that there is no need for crowd, a question troubling most of people from the middle class.
Kejriwal has defended the low turnout by saying the real work is to reach out to people and not large numbers at the protest venue.

"Crowd is not needed at the protest spot. The work of volunteers and people who agreed with the movement was to spread out to every corner of the city to urge people to rise and revolt against the injustice of unfairly hiked water and electricity rates," he has said.

"What are you so scared about? Why can't you unite and throw out the henchmen of discoms when they come to your neighbourhoods to snap your electricity connections?" he said during the course of his fast.

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