Gujarat riots forgotten, Narendra Modi likely to get US visa

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Narendra Modi
Ahmedabad, March 28: Narendra Modi, who has been denied visa so far over his alleged role in 2002 Gujarat riot case, has been invited to US.

It seems that people in US have left the riot incidents behind and are looking forward towards joint venture with Modi's Gujarat.

A team of US Congressional and business delegates led by 32-year-old Republican member of the House of Representatives from Illinois, Aaron Schock met Modi on Thursday, March 28.

After their crucial meeting with the Gujarat CM, Schock was quuoted as saying, "We are grateful to Chief Minister Narendra Modi. We learnt about the development. It is much easier to do business in Gujarat. Modi is very dynamic person. We have extend an invitation to the Chief Minister to visit USA and share his ideas with us."

Addressing the controversy regarding Modi's visa, Kathy Rogers, another member of the US delegation, said, "We will work with the US State Department. We will be pleased to have Modi in US. we will continue to work towards making Modi's visit happen."

According to an official press release, Schock and his 16-member team believe that there was enormous potential to work together with Gujarat. It has also been reported that people in US are keen to work with Gujarat at they are impressed by the way Gujarat has facilitated investment.

The US has been denying Modi a visa citing his alleged role in the 2002 Gujarat progroms although other western countries have lifted the ban from over him. However, of late, American businesses have warmed up to him.

After his meeting with the US delegation, Modi tweeted, "I spoke to the USA delegation about how Gujarat has adopted a faster, inclusive and environment friendly process of development. Am thankful to the members of USA Congress and business persons for their kind words on Gujarat's development."

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