End of Dogma? Widows of Vrindavan enjoys mass Holi revelry

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Widows playing Holi
Vrindavan, March 25: In a first of its kind, widows of Vrindavan came out in the open and celebrated mass Holi, something unheard and unseen in the traditional town of Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday, March 24.

In fact, in Hindu society, widows are not allowed to enjoy Holi festivities.

The four-day-long festival of colours, Holi kick-started across the country on Sunday. Widows of the town in Mathura district also known as ‘mayyas' or ‘matas' generally enjoy Holi only with ‘Thakurji' (Lord Krishna).

However, this time tradition took a beating as hundreds of widows came out in the open and celebrated Holi with flowers and colours.

More than 6,000 widows are staying in Vrindavan, as their family had abandoned them to lead a life of poverty and loneliness. Since ages, widows from across India come to Vrindavan to live, after the death of their husbands, as most families think it is a bad omen to have a widow at home.

In Vrindavan, Sulabh International is working for these poor and abandoned women and provide them with stipend, food and medical facilities in five government-run shelter homes.

In fact, it is the effort of Sulabh International which helped widows to participate in mass Holi celebrations.

"In an effort to bring widows to the mainstream and help in their social assimilation, we have organised several events to encourage them to participate in Holi celebrations at Vrindavan," founder of Sulabh Bindeshwar Pathak said.

Widows too seemed to be enjoying the freedom granted to them.

"I am happy, we are being treated like equals," said a widow.

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