Why Sri Sri Ravi Shankar calls Bollywood actors druggists

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
New Delhi, March 25: It seems that Art of Living (AoL) famed spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has not yet come over the anti-Bollywood feelings which is believed to be the result of the Hindi movie - Oh My God!

Slamming the movie, Sri Sri on Monday, March 25 slammed the entire Bollywood industry and the actors associated with it. Speaking on idol worship, music, art and ethics in Bollywood, the spiritual leader was quoted as saying, "Poor people go for entertainment and waste money, their hard earned money and crores go to the pocket of these Bollywood actors and actresses. And their lives - I tell you - are miserable."

"It is misery in bundle. Immoral, unethical behaviour...most of them have no ethics and they say there should be no idols there should be no pujas, don't go to 'satsangs' (congregation of religious people)," he added.

Taking a dig at the actors, Sri Sri asserted, "What do they (Bollywood actors) do? They drink, go for drugs, drinking partying and waste money. Whose money? Public's money."

Recalling the the message of the movie Oh My God which had criticised the present religious system of the country, Ravi Shankar said, "They say all ashrams are bad. You can't put all ashrams into one basket. You can't say all temples are simply looting money. They take religion and beat up the religion, a new trend that has come up in society."

"What do Bollywood do? Each of the time these actors come and sneeze in front of the camera, they take crores of rupees. For Vicks advertisement they just have to come and sneeze two times and 2-3 crores they take,"mocking the actors who often are seen several advertisements.

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