Very wrong to have cancelled Modi's invitation: Kejriwal

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New Delhi, March 23: Arvind Kejriwal, leader of Aam Aadi Party made his displeasure known about Wharton Business School cancelling Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi's invitation. "Troubled" and "dismayed" at Wharton University withdrawing its invitation to Narendra Modi, Kejriwal on Saturday said the varsity's decision to change its mind "under pressure" was "very wrong".

While addressing a video- conferencing of the Wharton India Economic Forum, Kejriwal said he was dismayed at what happened. "I am not a supporter of Mr Modi. In fact, I don't agree with him on many things and have publicly opposed him on many occasions. However, I would like to put on record my dismay at the cancellation of his invitation to speak at this forum," he said.

Kejriwal said "to issue an invitation and then cancel it under pressure is not right. It is very wrong. It is unbecoming of an institution carrying the respected Wharton name".

Narendra Modi

Further Kejriwal said that 'those who refuse to listen to people they do not agree with, lose an opportunity to learn and grow'. He added that not allowing Modi to speak goes against the principles of free speech.

Other topics that Kejriwal raised was the need for an honest government which can monitor the private sector. "The argument that since the government is corrupt, so lets privatise everything, this argument hasn't worked. We can no longer sidestep the issue of governance," he said.

"All the policies in the last twenty years were meant to favour big business. In most cases, the policies were directed towards killing small business to favour certain big business houses," he said.

Talking about his party, Aam Aadmi Party, Kejriwal said that they are not willing to join hands with any other party. "May be on issues, we can support. Issue based we can support," he said.

He also sought to find fault with the "dynastic politics" in the country saying a few families are controlling the country. Laws will be enacted to curb this if AAP gets power, he claimed.

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