Why now, ask Twitterati on DMK pullout

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New Delhi, March 19: The decision of DMK may or may not bring down the UPA government but it would certainly weaken the government that is already under fire for a range of issues from alleged corruption charges to pushing the country into an economic mess.

Concerned about such a fallout the virtual world went tizzy and four tags connected with the issue were in top ten with DMK at number 1, UPA at number 6, followed by SL Tamils at 7 and Karunanidhi at number 8.
Here are the few reactions from Twitter:

AK Antony, Ghulam Nabi Azad and P Chidambaram

Aayush ‏@aThakkali: They maybe only 18 but the #DMK member sure have touched seriously high decible levels in Lok Sabha;) *With inside support from #AIADMK ?;)*

Dev Raghuwanshi ‏@devraghuwanshi_: There is a huge electricity crisis in Tamil Nadu 4m last 5 years but #DMK did nothing but withdrawn support 4 human rights' issue in Srilanka.

Adam Roberts ‏@ARobertsjourno: In any case, the #DMK is right: India govt should be tough on Sri Lanka over the ill-treatment of Tamils.

Amit Sharma ‏@BeingCommunal: DMK pullout from UPA by Karunanidhi reminds me of GTA3 player pulling out of a car on fire after an accident.

Atul ‏@a_t_u_l: DMK desperate to gain political capital before next yrs crucial elections....hope electorate is wise enough to see thro' this charade.

Shanthi Cheriyan ‏@shanthi_249: So we stop playing cricket with Sri Lanka as well??

Ankit Grover ‏@AnkitGroverReal: DMK stands for - Don't mess w/ Karunanidhi.

SHISHIR ‏@KAPOORSHISHIR: DMK withdrawal of support to UPA is a lesson for Indian voters. Fractured mandate is dislocating the country.

Ajay Misri ‏@ajay_misri: DMK pullout a drama conducted by UPA & Karunanidhi to get Tamil Votes in 2014 Elections.Crocodile tears. Will be back citing to keep BJP out.

Jashan Joshi ‏@jashanjoshi: DMK you guys r maligning India's image in globe & also putting nation in an embarrassing situation fighting the Kashmir issue. disgusting.

Prabhav Gupta ‏@pramic100: Coalition govts just like the service lanes in Delhi..Used by all to find their own diff routes. Not quite the purpose it was meant for.

Gargi Rawat ‏@GargiRawat:
Shut a door, open a window. Karunanidhi says can reconsider pull out decision if Parliament adopts a resolution by March 21.

Nilesh Desai ‏@reachnilesh: The man most worried with the DMK pull out wud be Beni Prasad Verma.. DMK out, SP needed, SP needed, Beni Prasad out.

Akil Bakhshi ‏@Akilbbz: Wonder what Karunanidhi is really interested in - The benefit of Srilankan Tamils or the unconditional release of his daughter?

Mister IndiaTM® (IH) ‏@MeTalkTruth: DMK & Karunanidhi pulls out of UPA over issue of Tamils in Sri Lanka. Who will pull out on the issue of Hindus in Pakistan & Bangladesh ???

Karthik ‏@karthik132: So Nitish wants Special Status and Karunanidhi wants justice for Eelam Tamils. Regional issues holding India to a ransom.

SUHEL SETH ‏@suhelseth: DMK pulling out of ethical reasons is a bit rich. That party was being pulled in one direction: money: by Karunanidhi and A Raja.

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