US presents revised resolution on Sri Lanka

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Colombo, March 19: The US on Monday presented the revised version of its resolution 'Promoting reconciliation and accountability in Sri Lanka' at the 22nd session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

The US tabled a toned-down version of the resolution co-sponsored by 32 countries including itself to the UNHCR expecting that a less-demanding resolution would be adopted by the council without much problem.

India, the northern neighbour of the island-nation which had voted against Sri Lanka last year, said on Monday that it would see the final draft before announcing its final stand on the resolution. New Delhi was under pressure from the pro-Eelam Tamil parties to act against Colombo.

The final draft welcomes and acknowledges the progress made by the Sri Lankan government in rebuilding infrastructure, de-mining, resettling a majority of the internally displaced persons whiel also noting that a considerable work needed to be carried out in areas like justice, reconciliation and allowing people to resume livelihoods. It also welcomed Colombo's move to hold elections to the Provincial Council in the Northern Province in September this year.

The resolution called upon the government to fulfil the promises it had made to the public, including the one made on the devolution of political authority.

Spokesperson of the US State Department said on Monday that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had told Sri Lanka's External affairs Minister Prof. G L Peiris last year in Washington that the US would go forward with the resolution if Sri Lanka did not go forward with the resolution.

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