Why Narendra Modi deserves to become PM of India

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New Delhi, March 17: First Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) and now India Today Conclave 13, Narendra Modi impressed all with his two speeches at the two venues and proved why he indeed deserves to become the Prime Minister of India.

Recently Modi addressed a comparatively young crowd at the SRCC college in New Delhi where despite massive protest against him, he succeeded to overwhelm all. Now with his second visit to the national capital in recent past, Modi reminded people why he is different from other political leaders as possible aspirants for the Prime Ministerial candidate.

Addressing the crowd on Saturday, March 16 at the India Today conclave, Modi said, "I feel democracy is not just about votes, democracy means the people and the government have to together run the country. Gujarat has tries it and we have got results."

Narendra Modi

Facing questions about his desire to become the prime minister of the country, Modi was quoted as saying, "I have never dreamt of becoming someone in life. I have always tried to do something. Mostly people dream of becoming someone and die. I have never followed this."

"Till I had become Chief Minister, I had never dreamt of becoming so. I have never even met an astrologer to tell me that I will become a Chief Minister," he added.

"My work is my USP. I have to take it forward. I don't think there is anything wrong in me that I need to change. If there are any shortcomings in my style of functioning, if I feel there are or if somebody points them out to me, I will change, because I have to work for the people. I have to take them along. But, I don't think there is anything wrong in my USP which needs to be changed," said the Gujarat Chief Minister.

Modi, one of the most promising leaders of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), criticised the prime minister Manmohan Singh and the Congress-led UPA government. Taking a dig at the shortcomings of the Centre, Modi said, "The nation does not need Acts, it needs action There can be change (in the country), if there are ideas."

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