Why does Delhi crowd play Jekyll and Hyde, so often

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New Delhi
New Delhi, Mar 16: The national capital saw two contrasting incidents this week, that should give us a topic to ponder over the weekend.

While in the first incident an young woman managed to catch a thief belonging to a notorious gang, in the second incident a big crowd watched as two men threatened and robbed a businessman in board daylight.

Shashi Vats, the 32-year-old managing director of a company in Janakpuri, West Delhi, was accosted by a gang of robbers known as the Thak Thak gang on Wednesday.

A well-dressed youngster approached her as she was parking her car and knocked on her window. He asked whether the money lying on the ground near her car was hers. She looked out of the car to see some 10 rupee notes next to her car. As she was about to step out, she remembered a news item about about a gang working on these kind of modus operendi.

The moment she pulled back into the car, she saw another man opening the rear door of her car and lifting her bag.
Shashi immediately raised the alarm and tried to grab the man's hand. He tried hit her and run away. But she kicked him on his chest and tripped with her leg.

The gritty woman then punched him on his face and dragged him by his collar. Fortunately for her, the parking attendants came to her help.

She dragged the accused to a police post nearby and handed him over to police.

The police are going to reward Shashi and the two parking attendants, Ranjeet Singh and Anil Kumar for showing exemplary courage in apprehending the accused.

But the script was different on Friday.

Again in West Delhi, this time in Miawali Nagar at about 3 pm, 32-year-old businessman Rakesh was brutally assaulted and robbed of Rs 7 lakh by two unidentified men in the presence of nearly 30 members of public.

Rakesh was carrying Rs 7 lakh to make a payment. The moment he parked the car, two men obstructed his way. One of them asked him to hand over the cash bag. When he resisted, one of the person punched Rakesh.

Rakesh held on to the bag and shouted for help. No one came to help. According to Rakesh, there were nearly 30 roadside vendors, auto drivers, and others at the scene of the crime. But they just stood by watching the men assault him.

With no help coming, the robbers got brazen and kicked Rakesh so hard that he had to let go of the cash bag. They also managed to walk towards a car parked about 50 metres away and escape.

"No one even cared to make a call to the police control room. When the drama ended, they went about their business as usual," says Rakesh.

Even though the police claim that they would solve the case because it could be insider job as the assailants knew that Rakesh was carrying cash, the fact remains that the public did not offer help.

Young Shashi showed courage and was helped by parking attendants, but Rakesh was just abandoned by the Delhi's crowd. What would you do?

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