Gear up for increased security checks at Indian airports

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New Delhi, March 15: Frequent- flyers will have to gear up for enhanced security checks at Indian airports. Local airports will be adopting security checks similar to western airports.

This will mean that shoes and belts will need to be taken off to clear security checks. According to media reports, the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) has conducted a 'pilot project for this at Delhi's terminal 1D and is now examining the possibility of implementing the procedure that involves asking passengers to put away all metallic objects before they pass through detectors and then get frisked'.

"We have got data from the pilot project at Delhi and are examining the modifications that need to be made to existing x-ray machines at security counters. The conveyor belt will need to be longer to accommodate more items going though the scanner and the output conveyor belt (from where baggage is picked up after screening) will also need to be modified,"a senior official was quoted as saying in The Times of India.

Here they plan to have different trays for footware and other items. "We plan to have same colour trays just for shoes and other metallic objects at all airports so that there is uniformity," said the official.

"The idea is not to have any metallic object (except medical implants) on the person of a flyer before sending him or her to detectors currently used or the millimetre wave technique body scanners being considered for some airports. If despite that there is a beep sound, then just that portion will be frisked from where the beep emanated," said an official.

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